Tax Planning and Preparation

Income Tax Planning and Preparation

Do you know how much you're paying in taxes? You may have a sense of what you spend on income taxes, but have you also considered the taxes you pay on utilities, gasoline, cigarettes and alcohol, hotel stays and numerous other items? The CPA profession's Total Tax Insights™ calculator ( can put these numbers in perspective, enabling you to make better informed financial decisions. Take a few minutes to drop in your numbers, and if your results raise questions about your financial planning choices, I can help.

Did you know that a continuing education requirement keeps CPAs up to date about constantly changing tax laws so they can provide prudent, year-round tax management counsel? As your CPA, I can:

  • Design strategies you can follow throughout the year to reduce your taxes, save money and achieve a smoother tax preparation process
  • Clarify the impact of the latest tax laws, legislation and IRS rules on your tax liability
  • Identify the long- and short-term tax consequences of your spending, investment and other financial decisions, and advise you on the steps you can take to reduce your future tax liability
  • Counsel you through tax return issues, complete all required forms and compile necessary backup materials
  • Explain what the numbers mean and ensure you are complying with the law, so you know what's in your return and be confident in its accuracy

If you'd like to get started, don't hesitate to contact us with all your questions.

Refund Transfer

Once your tax return is prepared, if you are expecting a refund, the Refund Transfer option is a quick and convenient way to receive your refund amount. And you pay nothing up-front! The tax preparation fees are taken out of your refund amount.

Why Use a Refund Transfer?

Pay Nothing Up-Front!

By selecting a Refund Transfer, you pay no out-of-pocket expense to have your return prepared. Tax preparation fees are paid directly from your refund.

As Fast as e-Filing

Once the IRS accepts your e-filed return, your refund is typically available in as little as 8 days. Choose whether you want to receive your money via check, direct deposit or on a prepaid debit card. You receive your money upon IRS funding.

How Does It Work?

Tax Return is Prepared

Through my partnership with Santa Barbara Tax Products Group (TPG), I am able to provide you with a flexible option for paying your tax preparation fees with no out-of-pocket expense at the time of the transaction. If you are expecting a refund, talk to me about the Refund Transfer payment option.

Your Return is e-Filed

Your tax return (including bank information) is e-filed to the IRS, and the IRS is instructed to route the refund through the TPG bank

Receive Your Refund

Once TPG receives your refund, TPG takes out all associated fees, giving you the balance of the refund either as a check, direct deposit or on a pre-paid debit card (check with me for availability).

The Refund Transfer offers a convenient and secure payment option that is not available to many taxpayers without using a tax refund-related bank product. If you don't have a bank account, the Refund Transfer gives you access to the same benefits as taxpayers that have bank accounts. If you just want an alternative to paying up-front with cash or a credit card, please ask me about the Refund Transfer payment option.